MMS provides solutions to our customer’s complex needs in a variety of segments of the medical device industry. We have been part of successful customer relationships focused on the orthopedic area of joint reconstruction and spine.

Commonly Manufactured

Ball/Nerve Probes, Rod rocker. Rod Reducers, Rod Benders, Inserter plates, Drill Guides, Taps, Tap Sleeves, Drills, Drill Stops, Depth Gauges, Reducers, Distractors, Reamers, Counter Torque, Persuaders, Retractors, Mini Towers, Polyaxial Drivers, T Series Driver, Slap Hammer, Screw Extenders, Calipers, Dilators, Shavers, Box Chisels, Broaches, Awls, Trials, Tamps, Rasp, Sizers.