The primary service MMS provides to our customers is focused on precision mill and lathe work. Our capacity to provide work from prototypes to production orders allows us to meet all segments of our customers’ requirements. An extensive list of secondary operations equips MMS to provide specialized finishes, micro markings, and precise electrical discharge machining. MMS has an experienced full team of Quality professionals and engineers that maintain a strict quality system that meets top of the industry international standards.


MMS machining centers are the heart and soul of our service we provide to customers. Our machines represent the latest in machining technology.

  • 3 Axis Mills
  • 4 Axis Mills
  • 5 Axis Mills
  • CNC Swiss
  • 6 Axis Lathes
  • Wire EDM
  • Sinker EDM

Secondary Processes

Our substantial list of secondary capabilities allow us to produce the finished parts that customer’s complex designs demand.

  • Heat treat (Standard and Vacuum)
  • Chrome and specialized plating
  • Ultrasonic Wash/Chemical Clean
  • Citric Passivation
  • Nitric Passivation
  • Epoxy Paint
  • Anodizing
  • Diamond-like carbon coating
  • Laser etching
  • Laser welding
  • Metal Finish
  • Glass Bead Finish

Design For Manufacturability

Using our extensive years of machining and engineering experience, MMS focuses on strong partnerships with our customers from concept, prototyping, market evaluation and Alpha/Beta launches to provide knowledge of the best and most efficient ways to produce customers designs.